Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 weeks and counting

Zayden Michael Loonsfoot
Three weeks ago today baby Zayden entered our lives.  In the time since his arrival we have had amazing adventures and even some scary moments.

Labor went longer than expected, and at 4:54am on January 26th Zayden Michael was delivered by C-section.  My daughter, Lauren, and her husband Bryan asked me to be in the labor and delivery room.  The hardest thing was seeing them wheel toward the operating room for the c-section - but all went well and Lauren and Bryan were rewarded with a healthy (and beautiful) 8 pound 10 ounce, 20 inch long baby boy.

first family photo:
Bryan, Zayden and Lauren
After a few days in the hospital Lauren and Zayden arrived home and I headed out of town for a week of continuing ed.  The other grandma Deb (Bryan's mom) held down the fort while I spent time in Nashville doing some research and connecting with the fine folks at the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship and the Upper Room.

Anticipating a winter storm I left Nashville a day early and not long after I crossed the Iowa state line my daughter called to tell me that she was on the way to the doctor's office because she wasn't feeling so well.  By the time I was back in Waverly Lauren was in the Emergency room with chest and back pain and a low pulse.  Later that night Lauren was admitted for observation and Bryan took the baby home.  I spent the night with Lauren.  Early Saturday morning the Doctor came in and said she wanted Lauren to be seen by some heart specialists, so it was off to Waterloo's Allen Hospital.

Lauren and Zayden
Overnight Lauren's pulse was in the low 30's.  While resting it was in the low 40's.  A normal pulse is 70-90 beats per minute, unless you're Lance Armstrong of course.   More tests were called for so I made some phone calls to parishioners and without batting an eye Sunday worship was covered.  I am so grateful for everyone's willingness to help out at the last moment!

The prayer warriors of Trinity United Methodist Church and friends across the country through the power of social media (Facebook) covered Lauren with it was a matter of time, more tests and finally the treatment of letting some medicine do its thing to take the fluid off of her lungs to relieve the pressure on her heart.

Grandma and Zayden
Lauren was finally released from the hospital late in the afternoon on Monday, February 6th.  On Tuesday we traveled to Iowa City to meet with the cardiologists at the University of Iowa Hospital.  They did a wonderful job explaining the situation and we were assured that there was no permanent damage and in time Lauren's pulse would return to 'normal'.

And so - here we are - three weeks later with a sweet baby Zayden who really is thriving from all of the attention he's getting from his uncles and grandparents let alone mom and dad.  Lauren is on the mend and I am finally caught up and able to blog again.

Happy three week birthday, Zayden - you are a precious child of God and you are loved so very much!  And thank you Lauren and Bryan for letting me be part of these past few weeks.  I am blessed too.

in Christ, together,