Friday, November 13, 2015

Elinor Jo Davis ~ November 10, 2015

I wrote this note to share with my daughter and son in law - Hannah and Nelson Davis, after the birth and loss of their daughter earlier this week.  With their permission I share it now, along with my deepest sympathy and prayers for all who have lost children of their own.


Dear Ellie Jo,

Today was your birthday. This morning your earthly mommy and daddy woke up to hope and dreams for the life they would live with you.  They love you so very much.  Mommy has been dreaming and planning for you for a very long time. She is such a wonderful woman and I know you would have been loved and nurtured in a happy and loving home. 

But for some reason you made your arrival too soon. And as much as we wanted you to wait till March it just didn't happen.  It is a mystery that we struggle to understand.  

Your daddy told me about how perfect you are. How beautiful you are and how brave your mommy is right now. He is trying very hard to be brave too. We are all trying to be brave and hopeful. But we are all sad because we just didn't have enough time to share all of the love we have for you with you. 

Today we weep. And tomorrow too. Some day we will be able to hold your little sister or brother in our arms.  And when we do we will be sure to tell them about our sweet Ellie Jo who came too soon and who now is in heaven with your great grandma Ellie (your name sake ) and Alan and Angie and your Great Grandma and Grandpa Wise and all those we love who now rest in peace with our Heavenly Father - who lives with you - in a place where there are no more tears. Where death doesn't have the final word and where one day we will join you.

I love you Elinor Jo Davis. 

Grammie Deborah