Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new phones and such

I had the same HTC smart phone for 2 1/2 years...I finally broke down on Friday and got a new one. It runs on the Android platform and I picked this specific model because 1) it has a full keyboard and 2) it is made to run Google apps.

Some folks are Mac-heads (I would be if I could afford 'em - we have a desktop that the boys use), I am and have been a fan of Google for years. I run all of my various and sundry email addresses thru Google, love the Google calendar (haven't used Outlook in a long, long time), love Google Chrome and really like how I can access my stuff anywhere in the world.
The thing about getting a new phone is the learning curve. I consider myself pretty technologically savvy (for someone my age even). In fact, I was privileged to be on the cutting edge of technology throughout my life and career:

On campus (at the University of Tennessee at Martin) I was on the first video production crew that broadcast football games and I was video production crew chief my senior year - I worked the basketball games running the floor camera the first half and directing the 2nd half...what a blast!

 My first job out of college I worked for a company in Memphis that provided computer software and hardware for TV and Radio stations nationwide - and from there I went to a Fox Affiliate in Atlanta and was part of the launch of the Fox Network.

I then went to work for Uncle Ted (Turner) as a writer/producer in the promotion department at TBS and was on board for the advent of computer editing - talk about technology changing everything!

I worked at the finest post production houses in Atlanta with some extremely talented editors, sound engineers, graphics folks, etc.  (The TBS promotions crew is pictured above - what a talented group of folks - they are now doing amazing work all across the country!)

When we started our own video production business we even bought a 'portable' computer for our clients - a Mac 'Cuisinart' so they could check email, etc - that was in 1995...

I sometimes feel like Forrest, Forrest Gump...been there, done that, have the t-shirts...

So, its not that I don't get the phone, its just that I don't like some of the accommodations that I am being forced to make to have technology that is faster, smaller and probably smarter than this operator... the touch screen is a bit flaky - I am having trouble launching Facebook to be quite honest - can't quite hit the right spot to send my user name/password.  I am not a huge fan of touchscreen technology anyway - but I am getting there.

The battery doesn't last long enough - I have to charge the phone once or twice a day (perhaps this is because the operator is doing too much on her phone? idk)...the GPS did not do what I needed it to do earlier this morning (thank goodness for the Google Maps app) and some of the other apps quite honestly have the potential to cause huge distractions.

Of course the timing stinks - this is a really busy week and I don't really have time to futz with a new phone - however, it sure is nice to be able to access my emails quicker, text easier and cruise the net when I have a few moments of downtime.  And I am sure, in time, I will have this new phone figured out and wonder what I did without it for so long!

Technology and the rapid changes it brings is part of our reality - but we have to remember that our gadgets are just tools and not something to take us away from what is important - building relationships with people, being kingdom builders and disciples of Jesus Christ.  Thanks to technology we can do this in ways that weren't even imagined 10-20-even 30 years ago but the main thing is still the main thing - love God and love one another!

in Christ, together

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