Thursday, September 20, 2012

lessons learned from wearing kick a** shoes

About two years ago I wrote this blog post about shoes...kick a** shoes to be exact and the shocking revelation that my footwear was just plain boring.

just another Sunday morning
the Trinity church ladies
This past week a dear member of the church gave me a huge hug during greeting time and said (perhaps a bit too) enthusiastically; "you're wearing makeup!  You look so beautiful!"  It was just a bit of lipstick, I actually think much of it had been left on the rim of my tea cup, but I smiled and said thank you, and blushed just a little.

Truth be told, I have never given much thought to such things.  Balancing four kids, a career, grad school for a few years and a tight family budget didn't allow for such luxuries.  Recently, however, I have been challenged to broaden my horizons, and thus I have been a bit more bold, investing in some new (even sassier) shoes, and even taking time for a swipe of mascara and yes, on occasion some lipstick.

Along the way I have learned a thing or two about wearing kick a** shoes...

1) comfort matters - a lot.  If you're going to wear heels and stand in them a few hours, then spend the extra money on good shoes that feel good.  It's bad form to limp as you follow the acolytes down the church aisle and up to the chancel area.

2) you're going to have to adjust your stride if you're wearing high heels.  This one has some interesting ramifications.  I usually walk pretty briskly, but in heels I find that I have to slow down.  I may not get to my destination as fast as I used to, but this does have the added bonus of forcing me to take my time and pace myself.  Another novel concept!
rule # 4
take care of your feet already!

3) it's a challenge to wear serious kick a** shoes and carry a back pack full of computer, books, etc.  Balance is everything when wearing serious heels - once you start to get shaky things can get out of hand practice and rethink how full you pack that back pack!

4) it's important to give your feet a break.  I started wearing heels only on Sundays, and have just recently added another day or two each week.  But my Keens are always ready in the wings and a very well broken in pair of Clark's walking shoes too.  Variety is the spice of life when it comes to foot wear - for me anyway.

Kristin is a rockstar when
it comes to kick a** shoes
5) don't be afraid to cull through the closet and get rid of shoes.  There are all sorts of organizations that can use gently used shoes.  Iowa's Women at the Well's clothing closet comes to mind instantly, but the same could be said of Goodwill, and in Waverly Trinkets and Togs.  (A lady came by the church earlier this week looking for some size 11's.  I went home and pulled out a pair of snow boots, sneakers, and some walking shoes to give to her.  What do I need with two pairs of snow boots anyway?)

Now these insights might seem silly to gals who have been wearing heels all their lives, but for me its a brave new world.  The reality is that I enjoy wearing my sassy new shoes.  Once the snow flies I know that I will return to more sensible footwear, but for now, why not kick up my heels and go for it?!

My challenge is for you to find healthy ways to express your self too...



  1. I love this post! I just purchased a new pair of heels a few weeks ago. They have pointy toes and make me feel like I can conquer the world. AND they are comfortable - which, you are right, is important!!!

  2. thanks! it's been fun learning new things and yes, it is quite empowering too!