Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Saturday

Jesus at the tomb    Vladimir Borovikovsky 
There is nothing in scripture that tells us what Jesus' followers did on the day after the crucifixion.  As Jewish folk it was their Sabbath.  So they most likely stayed put, and prayed and I'm sure there were tears shed, and stories told...and if they are like me when I spend time in darkness, they did everything they could to remember every tiny detail.

Spending time in the tomb is risky business.

Spending time in the tomb calls for intentionality.  We would rather life be all sunshine and puppy dogs.  But that isn't really real.

Spending time in the tomb of despair, disappointment, grief, has its own clock.  For some it is short lived, for can seem to go on and on.

Spending time in the tomb is authentic to our human experiences.  Even God, after tearing the temple curtain in two spent time in the tomb.  

and sometimes, on occasion, we need to confront whatever is causing us to be in the tomb with some holy humor.

After the winter that will not end, amidst snow piles and frozen ground...I am wearing sandals... I have been waiting patiently and today enough is enough.

praying for peace as you journey through this Holy Saturday.

in Christ, together,

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