Saturday, August 3, 2013

say "cheese"

My current Facebook profile and cover pictures make me smile.  
Z and me!
One is a picture of Zayden Michael, my grandson, and me.  It was taken during a meal break while we were at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in April.

I love the look of joy on Zayden's face as we play with a simple cup and straw.  Isn't it amazing how it truly is the little things that bring children joy?

The other was taken last weekend and is of the Jay Coble 6.  We are scattered around the globe now, but whenever we are together we take lots and lots of pictures.  Most are regular, garden variety poses but we also always try to take one that is a bit goofy, much to the embarrassment of spouses and our children.  

Elizabeth, Stephanie, Glen, Jay, me and Mark
In this picture we are holding up our brother Mark, number 4 of 6 and the biggest of us all.  (He warned us before we hoisted him up that he was a big guy...and I sure am glad we didn't drop him!) 

Mark was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins type lymphoma in May and is undergoing chemo this summer.  I love Mark's expression as the five of us do our best to keep from dropping him.  He appears to be flying...and that seems appropriate for a day when we all did our best to be normal and to allow the love of family surround him and his wife and daughter.  While the reality of cancer was dancing in the wind we soared with laughter enjoying our time together.

That's the beauty of capturing memories.  One picture can carry us back in time to something as normal as eating lunch or doing your best not to let your baby brother bonk his head.  

While I normally change my Facebook cover picture frequently, I think I'll let this one stay there a bit longer.  Thinking of our time together last week makes me smile and we all need to smile a little more, love more deeply and belly laugh from time to time.

peace, love in Christ,

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