Friday, November 29, 2013

musings ~ the day after Thanksgiving

Not that anyone asked, but...

I do not go shopping on Black Friday...I am still digesting my food and reflecting on the day of fellowship with family from Thanksgiving, plus I am an introvert and hate crowds.  Have fun, if shopping and bargain hunting is your idea of fun, but I am deeply disturbed by the accounts of violence at stores here and there.  No 'black Friday deal' is worth harming another over.

I am looking forward to going with Lauren and her family to cut down a Christmas tree (won't Zayden be excited?!!  I can't wait!) and perhaps Justin and I will start listening to some Christmas music... or not - we will see how we're feeling.

There is some pie left, that will go nicely with a cup of tea and I have knitting to do, like Hannah this is a knitting season.   Christina - if you read this - your first sock is almost done!

Today I am most curious to learn about the fate of Comet ISON. Astronomy has been a great Facebook page to follow the past few weeks.  Will it continue on its path and give us a good show in December or did our sun do a number on it?  The jury is still out!

Be curious, stand in awe of something greater than yourself - maybe even a baby born in a manger in the backwater town of Bethlehem!

On this day after Thanksgiving be about peace and goodwill, dear friends...this is the true meaning of the season.

in Christ, together,

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