Saturday, May 31, 2014

whatcha gonna do?

Since last summer when Ethan  participated in Running from Malaria, my younger son Justin has been brainstorming ideas to raise money for Imagine No Malaria.  A few weeks ago when he asked if he could color his hair, I said - only if you're doing it for a good cause.  So, we agreed that he could color it blue, for $500 in contributions to Imagine No Malaria.

'Great idea,' I said.  'But what if folks donate $1000?'  'Well,' he responded, 'I guess I'll have to dye it pink!' you go...$1036 in donations.  Wow!  Thank you Trinity United Methodist Church!

And while this may seem silly, consider that because of the generosity of this one community of faith, 100 families half way around the world will receive bed nets...this could save the lives of hundreds of children.  Children who die needlessly from an illness that is both preventable and curable, thanks to those who said yes to eradicating Malaria.

So, thank you, everyone for your support of our young people who say YES to Jesus, and yes to making a difference in the world, even if that means that their hair will be blue, or pink or purple for a few months this summer.  It's a small price to pay.

Well done Justin - and friend Connor - who joined him in coloring his hair this evening in celebration of the $1000+ donation!  So very proud of you both!

Be on the look out next week at the Iowa Annual Conference...Justin will be there as a diakonos and he has some more great ideas to help push us over the 2 million dollar mark!

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