Friday, December 3, 2010


If you are on facebook you may notice a few folks posting comments each day during the Advent season that begin with the phrase... "I am waiting for..."  This is the inspiration of a friend, Matthew Johnson, who lives is in the suburbs of Chicago.  This is how Matthew described #waiting2010 in his blog:

So, this is what I propose: on Black Friday, we join together and begin daily postings on Facebook and Twitter, emphasizing the holy things for which we are waiting (or it could be e-mail signatures, youtube uploads, etc). They can be prayers for the world, calls to action, personal struggles, laments for friends or neighbors, or whatever you want to see redeemed. Begin the post with something like "I am waiting for" and, if you're using Twitter (or even if you're not), add the hashtag #waiting2010.

Kinda cool huh?  Actually its very cool - when you consider that the season of Advent is all about waiting and anticipation.   And I'm not talking about waiting for Santa...  As people of faith we are waiting for the return of Christ and the reign of the Kingdom of God.  In the meanwhile, as we wait, we are called to live in hopeful anticipation and to be kingdom builders.  

Kingdom building is putting into action the two greatest commandments - Love God and Love one another.  So, during this season of Advent what are some ways we can do this more fully?  Are there families in need?  Widows who would appreciate a visit?  Perhaps we should all spend a bit more time in prayer and reflection during this season of preparation!  Now is a great time to dive into scripture and reflect on how radical it really was for God to come to earth in such a way (start with reading the first two chapters of Luke - perhaps each day between now and Christmas to let this reality dwell within you!).

And throughout your day, if you think of something that you are waiting for - post it on facebook and twitter - be sure to add the comment  #waiting2010.  It is pretty amazing to see how many others are waiting alongside you.

peace, love in Christ

btw, I am waiting for the day when I can sit down with my brothers and sisters in Christ and talk and talk and talk...and laugh and enjoy a meal and talk some more!  #waiting2010

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