Friday, December 24, 2010

God bless us, every one!

In the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, its Tiny Tim who proclaims, "God bless us, every one!".  Despite his physical infirmities, the limits of what his family could provide on the table, let alone under the tree, Tim kept the main thing, the main thing.

Emmanuel, God with us, blesses us each and every moment of our life.  It's on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when we are gathered with our family and friends that we should not be ashamed to witness to this truth with joy and thanksgiving!

God bless us, every one, indeed!  And friends and family -  because I love you - it is my prayer that you know deep down in your heart that God loves you so very much...God thinks you hung the moon - you are his beloved, precious child!  It's what this fuss is all about at Christmas - God's love entering into our world in the form of a tiny little live our lives, to die our death, to be raised up and reign as our Lord and Savior and bridge the gap between the brokenness of humanity and the glory of God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth.  What a wonderful way for God to show his love for his good creation!

Now go, share this amazing gift of love with someone else...especially the least and the lost like our friend, Tiny Tim.  As we have been blessed, so too we are invited to be a blessing to others.

Love, peace, hope and joy at Christmas and throughout the year!

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