Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue Christmas

Wasn't it Elvis who sang "I'll have a blue Christmas without you...I'll be so blue just thinking about you"?

Indeed what is supposed to be the "hap-happiest time of the year" (an Andy Williams classic btw) is, for many, just plain depressing.  Is it for you?

the Coble women at my college graduation - August '84
(3 years before mom died)
I remember the first time my church gave me a tangible way to express the grief that I had held on to for 13 years after the death of my mother.  A simple, but meaningful, healing worship service was a turning point for me.  While I still miss her, I am able to remember her with fondness as we dig out her recipes, unpack old ornaments and tell stories of my childhood to my children.

I am sure that I am not alone.

On Monday, December 20th, Trinity United Methodist Church in Waverly will have a Blue Christmas service of prayer and healing, at 7pm in Pinney Chapel.  This quiet meditative worship service will make time for remembering, sharing our hurting places with God and allow us to prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ.

If you are in the Waverly area I invite you to join us.  If you are unable to travel this far I encourage you to seek out ways to remember your loved ones within your faith community.  We also covet your prayers for those who will share in this special service in Waverly and around the world.

Ours is a broken and hurting world, but we are assured time and time again that we are not alone - and when we gather as the Body of Christ we will indeed find peace, hope and love.

in Christ, together

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