Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When I was a girl I remember my mom handing me a sock with a hole in it and a light bulb and a needle and thread.  She then sat down and taught me how to darn, or mend, the sock so that it could continue to be useful and worn.

I hadn't thought of that until a bit ago when I pulled out a sweater and discovered some moth holes.  To be able to wear it again I will need to darn it - otherwise it is useless, not even worth donating to Goodwill.

The thing is once the sweater is mended, to most folks it will look like its perfect, but I will know that there are three little holes on the front of it...I wonder, will this prevent me from wearing it?  Will I feel embarrassed, wondering if someone will find me out, notice that I am wearing a sweater that had to be repaired?

How often do we think these same thoughts about our own lives?  God is the great mender...do we trust Him and his healing power, his grace, enough to go into the world with the confidence of one who was lost, but now found?  Broken and yet redeemed?

Only by the grace of God,


  1. I do feel a wee bit guilty for not teaching my girls (or boys) how to darn socks...goes to show how I have bought into our consumer driven society - I just throw them away and buy new ones...


  2. I still darn socks (and sweaters), and youngest thinks it is wonderful that I save her socks. Mom's mending shop has always been a place that I can look busy and have quiet time (that and washing dishes)....at our house it wasn't a lightbulb though, we used a golf ball!
    Sometimes, in the course of mending clothes, (especially patching jeans) the mending shows...rather like some of our scars may remind us of old wounds. But they may be beautiful reminders of how we are healed..
    You are making me want to dig up my mending...