Wednesday, January 5, 2011

you just never know...

This afternoon Mary, our church administrative assistant, reminded me that I have not updated the blog in a while.    I smiled and assured her that I would get right on it.

Its not that I don't want to keep the blog fresh, its just that you just never know when what you thought was a 'brilliant idea' may be a bust.  Writing, for me, is not a command performance.  My creative process is not perfect, but it is pretty predictable.  I read, I observe, I stew on things (think about it a lot) and then it just comes.  This has been my process for decades.  You see, I had the privilege of writing for a living - actually I watched movies for a living, and then I wrote 15 and 30 second spots to convince our viewers to set aside a couple of hours to watch whatever movie I was promoting.

Bogart and Bacall - classic Hollywood!
(from the movie Key Largo)
It was an awesome job - and I had a lot of fun doing it.  I was also really spoiled...did I mention it was a GREAT gig.  I also, from time to time, fear that I contributed to our culture of too much TV and not enough interaction with real live people.  God and I have had more than a couple talks about this one.

Like I said, you just never know where life will take you - now God has me focused on serving as pastor of a United Methodist Church, in Iowa of all places!  I sure am blessed - and He sure has a great sense of humor!  But I love what I do...each and every day is different, and I have even more opportunities to be creative.

The coolest thing is getting to know people, it is such a gift to have the opportunity to walk alongside one another and share our stories; dream big dreams, pray together, laugh and even cry together.  What a GREAT vocation!

I guess the bottom line is - you just never know what God is going to ask you to do.  You just need to be open to hear Him and say yes, sure...why not!

peace, love in Christ

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