Monday, January 31, 2011


I have a facebook friend who has been giving away stuff the past few weeks.  I admire that about him; "I have an XYZ, if you're interested send me a message and come pick it up."  I don't think its because he has too much stuff, I think its because he is realistic about the stuff he has, and when he has no need for it he gives it away.  It makes sense, why keep it around if you don't need it or if its just cluttering things up?  Like I said, I admire him...wish I could do that, but I have to admit, I have a tendency to struggle against this...

Then again...

A year ago, when my husband and I separated and he moved out of the house, I told him, "you can take anything  you want, except for the boys."  I was pretty serious about that - until I learned that he took some stuff that I thought we should have at least talked about.  In the end I decided not to make a big deal about stuff.  I still have a house full of stuff, and there really isn't anything that I miss.

Justin, Hannah, Lauren, Mom and Ethan
Christmas, 2010
This past week my daughters took some of my stuff - this time its a different story.  Lauren has moved to California.  She didn't have any silverware to take along so I searched thru the silverware drawer and pulled out an old set and sent them with her.  Then, when Hannah was home on Friday, she said she needed some silverware too.  Hannah didn't get a matched set, but she now has 4 place settings of silverware too and I still have enough to have 8-10 folks over for dinner.

I realize that the pendulum has started to swing the other way.  For nearly 30 years I have been accumulating my own stuff, but thanks to my 4 kids, I am starting to let go of stuff as they set up housekeeping and start their own lives in far away places.  I'm glad that I have enough stuff to give to them and help them get started, but its still bittersweet.

I need to remember how important it is to give it away - that's what Christ did for us - he gave his life for you and (even) me so that we may be free!  Truth be told, it all starts when we care enough about ourselves to let God love us.  God's love and grace is where its really at - what a gift, what a blessing - and I don't have to do a thing to earn it - it too is free!

AND, when we ditch the stuff that holds us back we are then able to love God and  love one another with authenticity.  The cool thing is as I give it all away, I actually am blessed with a life of abundance!  Funny how that works.

Striving to live in Christ and live abundantly - without so much stuff,


  1. And when you send your stuff off with your are sending a little of you with them too. :)

    On the other hand....stuff? None of it is our stuff!

    The kids aren't either....but it is even harder to let them go!

  2. exactly!

    I have always known it was my #1 job to work myself out of a job... still doesn't make it any easier... :)