Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a blast from the past

When I was in high school I ditched my last semester to work at a radio made sense at the time - I had all of the credits I needed, I had gotten into a little bit of trouble about some letter to the editor in the county news paper (thanks to my neighbor)...I was not doing well in Physics (my only 2 semester class), and I wasn't ready to go to college - I needed to stay in high school so that I could be eligible to complete some state 4-H activities.

My parents said I could 'graduate early' if I had a job - and somehow, by the grace of God, the Adamsville, TN radio station (WLIC) hired me.  My on-air name was Debbie Lynn...really creative.  I was the mid-day DJ spinning top 40 was that awkward time between disco and Duran Duran - the biggest hits were from the Dire Straights Brothers in Arms album (yes, album) and I vaguely remember Supertramp and Rickie Lee Jones singing Chuck He's in Love...ugh.

In college I worked at radio stations in Union City, TN (WENK radio), another Top 40 station.  I was on the air Friday nights and I think Saturday nights case of emergencies, I would put on Stairway to Heaven and have 8-9 minutes to take care of things...Terry Hailey is still the General Manager - he would come in at the end of my shift and have me record commercials for the next week.

Senior year UTM 
While in college I worked at the campus radio stations (WUTM), and in my 3rd and 4th years was the AM and then FM station manager.  And my last year in school (I confess - year 5)  I was in charge of campus video productions and worked at WFUL radio in Fulton, KY.  My claim to fame at WFUL was my first big promotion experience as Ag Director - we made and sold an Apple Recipe collection for the fall, oh and I got to do color commentary during the International Banana Festival parade - that was interesting.

After college I moved on to work in TV stations and cable TV networks in the marketing and promotions departments.  From time to time I would do some voice over work - but it had been a while...until this week.

As a way to reach out to folks in the area our church council approved the purchase of radio air time on the local station, KWAY for the next 6 weeks.  I recorded two announcements and will do a new one each week till Christmas.

It was the first time in 8 years since I had done anything like that - sure I write sermons each week, but there isn't a hard and fast time limit or anything.  In radio (and TV) you only have so much time to say what needs to be said.  My poor secretary spent the day yesterday hearing me practice as I timed myself...I am sure she even overheard me muttering about going over - again...

It was fun to go into the booth and be a client - the station manager was great and showed me how technology has progressed - so much easier than back in the old days.

If you're in the area, be sure to listen to KWAY, FM 99.3 - the spots run three times a day, Monday through Friday; in the morning between 6 and 9am, in the middle of the day and in the afternoon.  It is my prayer that these 'thoughts for the day' will invite folks to slow down and prepare their hearts and minds for the season of Advent and Christmas...I know I sure do need to take my own advice and do the same.

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!      

in Christ, together

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