Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the good stuff

This evening was Justin's first band concert in the new school district.  It was a packed house of proud families celebrating the achievements of their children - something that is happening all over the country about this time of year.

Interesting how in the midst of all of the evening's activities conversations popped up totally unrelated to the actual concert...I touched base with the mom of a 5th grader who is going to play special music for one of our Christmas services; spoke with the elementary school principal, who also happens to be a member of the choir; and did the across the room smile, nod and wave with other members of the church.

Once the music began we were, of course, all focused on our children...and aside from the stray note that ended the 2nd to the last song in the 6th grade set, everything went off without a hitch.  According to Justin that note caused all sorts of excitement after the concert as the french horn, clarinet and saxophone sections all blamed the other for the errant note...of course WE know who it was (Justin swears it was the boy who sat next to him...and I believe him on this one -he didn't look mortified after it happened).  Gotta love band drama - whodda thunk it began in 6th grade!

When we moved to Savannah, Tn,  halfway through my Sophomore year, I joined the band.  My favorite band activity was the Christmas parade circuit.  I have fond memories of riding in the back of the band bus my Junior seated next to my boyfriend (I played flute, he played trumpet).   I wasn't in band my Senior year.  I honestly can't remember why, tho my sister said it had something to do with the band director and shoes.  Who knows?  I was busy with 4-H State council by then and wasn't dating the trumpet player anymore.  I hate to admit it, but I wasn't much of a musician either - didn't/don't have much of an ear, but it was fun from 5th thru 11th grades, I still have my flute and in a pinch I can still play a scale.

As families milled around after the concert a parishioner came over to where I was standing.  We chatted for a bit and then she said, "I have to tell you about a moment I had tonight."  She then told me how she and three other women, all Sweet Adeline's, went to the home of Miss Opal and sang Christmas Carols.  "We sang for 30 minutes," she said.  "But when we sang White Christmas, thats when I about lost it."  Opal is under hospice care, and a faithful member of Trinity UMC.  "She kept asking us to sing another.  It was wonderful."

Tonight I was reminded, yet again, how cool it is to be a pastor.  I get to hear about all of the good stuff in people's lives...I get to celebrate along with others the moments when God's love breaks in...that's how it is with God; precious moments, small victories, loving one another through the good times and the bad times.  God can do big and splashy but the small moments sure are sweet.

God's love is amazing, without end and all around us!  We just have to open our eyes to see the Kingdom of God bursting through. I hope that I get to share the good stuff in this community for years to come.

To God be the Glory!

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