Sunday, November 21, 2010

random acts...

I just enjoyed watching the video of the "random act of culture" that was staged at Macy's in Philadelphia in late October.  650 voices belting out Handel's Hallelujah Chorus was thrilling, and it's pretty obvious from the looks on the faces of the shoppers what a treat it was for those who were there that day!

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week and then move into the Advent season - what are some ways that you can bring a bit of Joy to the World?  How are you going to express thanks and look forward with anticipation the return of Christ in final victory - that is what Advent is all about you know...

Maybe its time to do things a little differently - step out in faith and think counter culturally...go ahead, I double dog dare you...and then, would you share your experience with others?  Tell us how you saw God in the midst of your random act of kindness...  It may just inspire others to go and do likewise - and wouldn't that be an awesome way to head into the Advent season?

Praying for God's love to shine through you in the weeks ahead,

(I am thankful to Karol for sharing the link - tho we have not met I am blessed by our fb friendship!)

click this link if you want to see the video (tissues may be needed - yes, its that good)
Opera Company of Philadelphia - Hallalujah Chorus

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  1. I agree, I needed a tissue too! Sure wished I could have sang with them! Our impromptu choir (first months as a church, it is all impromptu)
    practiced "Go tell it on the Mountain" today. Oh, so good!
    So looking forward to the many gifts of the advent season, and greatful for this time of Thanksgiving!